Monday, March 3, 2014

Klutchclub Mom review! Feb 2014.

My first review! I'm slowly introducing myself into a couple of subscription boxes. Right now I have Klutchclub Mom, Ipsy,  and Birchbox and I'll be doing monthly reviews of what I receive in both of these. Here goes Klutch!
They were running a promo for a free box, so this box was only $8. They are usually $18/month.($10+$8 shipping)
The box is pretty large size, which is always exciting. It was stuffed to the brim.
-First off was Nektar Honey crystals. I haven't had a chance to try these yet But the idea behind them is great. All the flavor and benefits of honey without the mess! This came with 3 sample packets
-AquaTowel. These are basically like giant wet naps that you would get at a wing joint. Or I guess baby wipes. It's says they are reusable...why would you want to reuse a wet towel that you used to clean something with. I guess like clean your face than rinse the towel off until next use? No thanks. These went in the truck foe a one time use when we make a mess.
-Juice Beauty shampoo and conditioner. Pretty good size samples! Too bad I hate the smell of one and the lack of smell of the other. I have finished both of these(about 4 showers worth of use, not bad!) But the orange scent smells like.....bad. Like orange juice that set out on the counter for a lng ass time. Just not appealing. And the Pomegranate conditioner just has no smell whatsoever. I didn't really notice any brightening effect with the shampoo nor any added softness from the condish.
-OrganicaSaurus Cheddar Cheese puffs. I gave these to my two year old, who mind you, eats pretty much anything. He ate maybe 2 and then brought them back to me. So I had to see what was up, and I immediately understood why he didn't eat them. They taste like what I would imagine those styrofoam packaging peanuts would taste like, just kinda rolled in some cheese dust. Bleh.
-Ips Egg White Chips. As delicious as the name sounds (overwhelming sarcasm) I went ahead and tried these. Idk, I mean, they for sure weren't good But they weren't awful. They are that healthy snack that you force yourself to eat and then realize why diets suck.
-Jasmine Fresh Feet Wipes For Kids. THIS is what pomegranate is supposed to smell to like. These smell ahhhmazing. Takes notes Juice Beauty. I stuck these in my purse right away and used one on the way home the other night on my face. Love them. Idk that I'd ever use them in my feet though, or braxtons. They are awesome none the less.
-Numi Savory Tea. Do people seriously drink this shit? Spinach chive and Beet cabbage? I don't even like those in food form. No thanks.
-Lotus Moon Vitamin B hydrating gel. I hate these kind of small packets, But at least these stand up! These are actually really pleasant. It's a really light "spa" scent and it's very hydrating. I used some on dry patches on my face underneath makeup and it did it's job.
-Happy Tot Applesauce Pouch. Braxton makes huge messes with these so this was pass on to my sister in law with an older child. She said her kiddo loved it and wanted more, That's saying a lot for something that is so Good for you!

So this was easily worth my $8, even if sole things were a miss, at least I know for sure I don't like those things! Klutchclub also offers a Men and Woman box on top of this Mom box I received, something for everyone!

Bare with me while  I get used to the layout of the blogging world. If you have any suggestions on it please feel free to share!


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